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B E N J I   D A N I E L S

Discograpy Anc.


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Bigraphy Anc.


Chicago-born bassist Benji Daniels has been capturing audiences for years with his hypnotic grooves, melodic soloing, innovative techniques, and strikingly expressive playing. Known for having “the best bass face,” Benji’s deep passion for musical conversation, connection, and listening, has made him a stand out musician to work with in Chicago, New York, and New Jersey. He has worked as a bassist, music director, and session musician with artists including Qari, Eddie Burns, Luciane Dom, NombreKari, Wemmy Mo, Bella Nani, Rebecca Moreland, and more. Benji received a scholarship to the Berklee College of Music, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Music in Bass Performance in 2018. In 2021, Benji was awarded a full scholarship to New Jersey City University’s Masters program in Multi Style Strings, and currently serves as an adjunct professor at the university teaching private bass lessons.


Benji’s debut EP, Brunch, is due for release. The project was executively produced by the renowned bassist and composer Ben Allison, and also features vocals from one of Rio de Janeiro’s rising artists, Luciane Dom.


Brunch features three epic compositions, each inspired by foods Benji ate for brunch in 2020. The tunes contain lyrical melodies, entrancing polyrhythmic grooves, and breathtaking solos. Benji’s twelve-piece band is called “The Fries” because they’re hot, crispy, and always come with the sauce! Benji and his bold ensemble, consisting of horns, strings, synths galore, guitar, bass, drums, and percussion, take listeners on a tasty, salty-spicy-sweet, genre-bending, musical journey with Brunch.

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